my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-15 21:41:41 (UTC)

wonderful Thursday!!

Today was alright...morning classes were ok..Writers craft
was good we were telling jokes to our teacher My favourite
ones were. why didn't the ghost have kids....because he had
a hollow-weenie he he he he and the best pick up line word of the day is legs. Lets go back to my
place and spread the word. ha ha ha ahhh good ones. for
lunch today me and shan went shopping kinda..not really
window shopping. Then out for lunch because it is buck
burger day. hamburger dlx for $2.13 with tax..that's
crazy. Then i had the urge to eat a whole box of rose
buds..I was in such pain. I went back to school and laid
on the cafeteria tables and fell asleep. When i woke up
there was a whole gym class of gr. 9 boys surrounding
me....weird!!! Then i went to english and it was quite
crazy we finished reading and analyzing shakespears sonnets
and WoW that is quite the interesting discusion to have
with your class...Shakespear was a very Bi man. Then I
walked a little with Jesse and talked to him oh yeah :D.
Now i'm home and doing was a good day except
i'm still sooooo full, and my hair looks like barf because
i cant wash it for 3 days :(
Tomorrow should be great..going to the college presentation
and then going christmas shopping with my friends...then
coming home to get ready and WASH my hair for the big
dance. Just cant wait! Oh yeah and the Brad letter thing
didn't turn out to well.....i dont think were talking
anymore :( which makes me really sad..but i'll shake it
off. If it was meant to happen it will
worries. I just want to stay in this happiness i've got
going on right now..."ain't nothing gonna slow me down oh
no..i've got keep on movin" i dont know...i just break
into song sometimes....