I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-11-15 21:39:04 (UTC)

On the road again.....

It's a good thing that I like to drive. I drove 148 miles
today. I'm basically an errand girl/courrier. But it's
cool, I like it. I listen to the radio all day while I'm
driving, but I've run into a slight problem with
that....I'll be listening as I drive along, but then
realize that I'm almost to my destination and don't
remember the drive from where I was last. Is that a bad
thing? Does it even make sense? Hmmm.....

Another thing, I was driving out in the boonies today and
pulled into a gas station to turn around, when lo! and
behold! what did i come upon in the middle of the parking
lot??? Only a really mean looking chicken! I swear that I
did!! I even took a picture of it!! It was so funny. I just
started laughing. It was just the most odd and random thing
to find in a gas station. I mean, you can buy press-on
nails in my local 7-11, but a real live chicken? PRICELESS.
Well, you could steal it I suppose, or chickennap it
actually because it doesn't belong to anyone. I'd never
been that close to a live chicken in my life. I guess that
I've been deprived. He (she?) was evil looking though. I
think it was a He because I think there was the comb
meaning it was a rooster. I don't really care what gender
it is though. It was still hilarious.

In other news, my jaw is better than it was yesterday!!
Yay!! Oh, and I went to Taco Bell. The End.