doodle bug
2001-11-15 21:29:28 (UTC)

Is an even worse day possible? i think so...

howdy everyone. today was even worse, i knew ashy wasn't
going to be the bigger person and choose friendship
over "being right" but it was still a nice thought. o well
i have math with her and lee and its the most boring hell
hole on the face of the planet.Mr. Petry or however u spell
his name is soooo boring. o my goodness. i have no one to
talk to either and math was fun last term which makes me
resent this term even more. i barely saw david at all today
and that made me sad. =( o well and second period drawing
isn't the same, im used to having drawing last period, i
miss it and the people in it. it felt so much more social
last time. i guess ill get used to it. After that i have
the longest class on the face of this earth. World Studies.
There r so many friends in there that i feel overwhelmed.
plus ashley and i aren't talking so it makes it hard to go
over to certain people and endure death stares. but i guess
thats her problem. When that is finally over i have to go
to health with tim... erg.... i won't get into that right
now but... erg...i guess thats gonna be a funny class if i
can get past certain things. Well how was everyone else's
day? i hope good and im sorry i have to complain. its so
pathetic but im not having the best time right now. im
excited about the dance on sat. i really am curious to see
Cardboard perform, i think it shall be... interesting... no
im just kidding i think they'll be great. well yepper
doodles thats all i have right now. i know im just the most
exciting person in the world u don't have to tell me. Bye
*kisses* Natalie