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2001-11-15 21:27:01 (UTC)

current --- oh well

well, she called and they talked.
the end of a friendship.

oh fucking well.

well, whatever. i don't care how word gets around to
people. i read her post thingie in her livejournal and i
almost started laughing. i cant believe she's so pissed
off, i dont even know what he did and i dont think he does
either. its really fucked up.

she thinks i'll burn him. he told her about what i did,
according to her. well that's nice to know. oh well, he
didn't need to tell me that he did anything. so that's how
she knew, and how his mom knew. how fucking gay, ian
probably didnt say anything at all.

i could say oh well a zillion times but i wont because "oh
well" doesn't really mean anything except that i'm giving
up. BLAH! there aren't words to express what i'm feeling
besides "oh well"...

so i'll stop writing.

i love jake. :)

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