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2001-11-15 20:52:49 (UTC)

*november 15 - over*

sorry i dint write. i wasnt in the mood to try explain it
again. people su-k. rumors...and..well..

anthony dumped me. why? i dont even know. kelly told me
yesterday (i think after 2 or 3rd period) in the hall. i
was in total shock and i thlought i was gonna pass out..ran
into the bathroom, but i was just so...i couldnt even cry i
just closed my eyes and tried to get away from it. its
weird...i thought wed be together longer..much longer than

anthony refused to talk to me about it. at first kelly said
that it was about those 3 guys i went out w/ last summer,
and about kyle. but then it kept changing. eventually, he
thinks i like jon. and he was afraid i was gonna cheat on
him. and then he found out about monday which im not gonna
even say. and...andy even thinks that theres something
else. andys his best i guess its really personal
if he wont even tell him?

recess andy and anthony were sittin out on the feild and i
went over to talk to him and he turned his head, wouldnt
even look at me, and just said leave me alone i dont want
to talk... i dint know what to do

oh yeh, and everyone knows about me playing those 3 guys
last year...only they think its 5, and that im a SL*T

this morning in math rashad came up to me and told me that
anthony said he was stupid to have dumped me and that he
was gonna ask me back out and shad also asked if i still
liked him and i said yea. and of course the end of next
period i realised what a stupid ugly jerk he is.

i know that hes only trying to help...but after getting my
hopes up like that, it only made things worse

andy is the sweetest...he convinced anthony to talk to me
today. so, it was gonna be at recess. i was nervous.. i
dint know what to say. so...i sat next to him and..

me.hey can i talk to you?
him.sure why not
me.k (long akward silence) sorry for ---(monday)
him.'ts ok.
me.and im sorry for those 3 guys last summer not really mad about that
me.i really dont know what else to say.. i just wish i
could at least talk to you
him.i dont really feel like talking
(l.a.s.) you just dont want to have anything to do with
me now
him.i dont really care

then i just looked at him..hoping hed say something else
but he dint so i got up and just...walked away. it was the

andy is helping alot with this...but theres only so much he
can do. i just want anthony to talk to me.

*blink 182 - carousel*

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