dismal life
2001-11-15 20:40:31 (UTC)


Today was pretty good...Mikey was extremely affectionate to
me today..He took off all my lipstick that I was wearing
this morning YUMMY! God I love him so much. We are actually
spending time tonight to see a movie...which we probably
won't see because we'll be too busy making out. Did I
mention how much I love him. BLAH!

Today was nice and I looked pretttyyy! Lots of stares and
kissy faces. I can't help that I'm beautiful...conceded me.
Mikey loves fishnet...hehehe. Saw Ulysses today and he gave
me a smerk...BLAH! Fuck him...I'm devoted. We spoke online
last night when I was fucked up and I felt like playing
around with him...He only wants me for sex. grrr I can't
understand boys...

All in All...feeling better....