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2001-11-15 20:12:52 (UTC)

LJ --- what i want

the air, the world. endless summer nights. all the beauty i
see outside this window but all the security i've found
within this home... to never be forced into anything. to
never be hurt. to be comforted when im sad or scared or
lonely... to be loved deeply and unconditionally. to be
happy, to never lose what innocence i have left, to never
stop seeing the beauty of the world or have it be clouded
up by schedules and appointments. to always be able to have
the time to look out the window and breathe deeply, to
always recognize and respect and stand in complete awe of

the air, the world. endless summer nights. give me a
blanket and hold me in your arms, we'll wrap ourselves
inside of it and marvel at it all.

heres to love being stronger than any pain.