Blooded Kez

Thoughts of a crazy person
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2001-11-15 20:04:54 (UTC)

not bad

today has been good so far, got up at 4pm, spoke to kirst
on the fone *waves* and came online, kept my mom up last
nite playing deftones on my guitar, BIG mistake, she was
soo mardy with me earlier, oh wel. Had a big talk with ben
last nite about stuff, think ive sorted the majority of it
out in my head, hopefully anyway. Been listening to alot of
slipknot at the moment, which is good, lets me get all my
bad shit out of my system, just what i need right now, i
feel like im crumbling again from the inside, im not going
back to school tho, so thats cool, going back next year for
the sixth form. Home life is ok, i suppose, my moms totaly
stressed because of my school problem, and other problems
too, but oh well. Erm, im going to be getting a job soon,
which is cool, just stacking shelfs or something, if it
pays then im fine, also going to study alittle bit at home,
getting read for next year AND also, with all this time, im
going to concentrate more on my band, because its been on
the back burner for too long, WAY too long. erm, not much
more to say, i nearly cut myself the other day, which
sucks, was going to carve slipknot into my arm, dont know
what to be honest, but it nearly happen, im quite glad it
didnt tho because id proboley be pretty mad with myself
right now, opefully i wont do it....PLEASE! anyways, gonna
scoot, might right some more later


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