hello kitty cat
2001-11-15 19:38:02 (UTC)

still here...

Yeah so I'm back in the multimedia room because I don't
feel like being in Miss Azbils class..because she get pissy
so easily. I went to the first two lunches....Talked to
Katy and Jennifer...Jen cut her hair short...Then I went to
B lunch and chilled with Joselin..and Sam and Aum and
Andrew and them...Aum and I went to Candice's class to see
her...she jsut was like "guh groan moan grr" so we left..we
were walking and some random guy was like hey girl..bla
bla..and I look at Aum and I'm like do you know him??! and
he's like no..and I didn't know him...and he's like
hot chicks do that to me..but guys do it to you..he thought
you were hot..and it's like...Aum! Just because someone
says hi to you doesn't mean they want you...that's lame.
But he said that's how guys are. I totally think Aum could
get a chick...a hot one at that..but for some reason he
doesn't think he can..I guess it's not really important. I
just try and not write about anything too personal in the
multimedia room..because there is always that chance that
someone I know will be standing behind me reading what I'm
typing...and we don't want that now do we! So I'm just
rambling...I ate a candy bar and I feel sick. I hate
eating..It always makes me sick.I wish I had a CD to listen
to..I left my bag in the other room and I don't feel like
going to get it. I want to listen to Sevendust to tell you
the truth..but it's not like I have any Sevendust CD'
I might have to result to the Doors or something...ehhh I
keep looking at my CD's and thinking...what the hell do I
listen tO!? I always thought of the day when The Smashing
Pumpkins would no longer have any CD's coming out..but I've
kinda lost my faith in music..that's what I've come
to...That is the only thing that explains how I feel. I
have lost faith. I need something to pick me up and hook me
again. I don't think it will happen. I actually think it
happened to make me get off my ass and play my guitar
eventually I can make beautiful music...that I can listen
to. I don't know..............ruh ramble....It's like green
outside..It looks nasty..All these boys are lined up in
front of the TV ..watching CKY2K..Mikenotdan is like glued
to the screen...He broke his arm..I guess the last time I
saw CKY2K was at Jason's...hmmmm how silly. That was when
Shonee was in town I funny. Art isn't going to
be the same without Alex...maybe I'll just go chill with
Katy in Mr. Von Vlecks room..Jen is in there too..I wish I
had a fucking car so I could just leave...mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh