Once Upon A Time
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2001-11-15 19:19:45 (UTC)

Black November 15th

Today something bad has to has for the past 3
years. But so far so good...other than i am failing my
quatitative methods in psychology test..but what else is
new?! Anyways, I would typically be going home today but
i'm not going home till tomorrow..Katie (my roomate) and i
are going to go to Big Lots in an hour and look around..we
love that store!!! WE woke up at 5am today and had a
conversation for like an hour then went back to bed. we are
Passions is on tv right now...I hate david hastings...he
is slime!!
You want the juicy stuff huh? well nothing juicy has
happened today as of yet. I am skipping a class..thats
nothing new.
This weekend i will go to the bowling alley on friday night
to watch aaron and The "Other guy"s bowl. then i also have
dinner at the setzenfands and family dinner for
Thanksgiving. It seems so important right now to be around
the ones you love and care about..its just sad that it took
something like this to make it happen.
Well..sarah is mad at me...i guess i dont spend enough
time with them anymore..but i just work all the time..i have
to help pay bills now that i've moved out on my own and alot
has changed since high school and from when mom and dad
payed for everything. I'm doing it though..i might piss a
couple of people off along the way...but i have to do what i
have to do to make it on my be who i am.
My cousin sarah was just in the miss pennsylvania pagent.
SHe finished in the top half..good for her!!:)
Aaron and i are doing well...we fight more than we
should..but i'm probably not the easiest person to be with
all the time..ehehehe...
well thats about it for now...
hopefully katie will be home from class soon.

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