Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-15 18:48:55 (UTC)

Ehhh? Errrggg......thplyxthyplethyxthyp....

Well actually, I showed up at work this morning, after
getting a good nights rest of about 4 hours. It was a
blast at first, with me punching those keys like I was
playing Tchaikovsky at a concert. But then I succumbed to
that soporific music that they play in the grocery stores
and I started to crash...all the way down. I forced my arm
and fingers to move, and kept my eyes on the shelves. One
o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock. Woo-
hoo! This was the first day I had worked in about 9 days,
and all I had to do was finish this day, and I was going to
be off for another fourteen...Yah!! But, as it would
happen, my boss asked me if I wanted to work tomorrow.
Duhhhhh, ummmmmmm, well, I don't know....I threw my hands
up in the air. "It'll be more hours," she said. Crap, she
was right, I do need the hours....fricken fracken frickle
frackle. "Yeah, sure, I'll be there," I said, probably not
too enthusiastically, but I said it nonetheless, and it was
okay with her. Great, another day to look forward
to...whoopee! I really shouldn't knock it, though, it gets
pretty entertaining there, especially with the people
there. The job itself is always mindnumbing, but most of
the time I can rely on the people to pull me through...hee
hee hee.

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