Squeeb's world
2001-11-15 18:19:00 (UTC)

A sign?

Well he took me up on what I said. Remember how I said I
told him the other day that he could talk to me when he saw
that I was online instead of me always having to talk to
him? Well he did. I almost squealed. LOL, however it may
have been because he was curious about the name I was using.
I was on my whole bunny rage so I was using the "Buffy The
Bunny Slayer" one and he's like "What's the bunny stand for?
lol" and I'm thinking "You know damnwell you retard" so he
was all like "U like to be a bunny?" and I'm like "That is
soooo gross- hence the name" so he was like "I thought
that's what you meant. You were being rude" Oh hell yes- GD
bunnies. So we were talking about my bunny rage. Well not
like how it directly applies but you know... lol and then it
just got out of hand. He is sooooo funny. I was laughing
soooo hard. Mr. Flirty-pants, I swear. Cus I forget what it
was we were talking about- lol, not like I can't check, I
saved the conversation of course... but he's like "I have
nuts" and I'm like "Thanks for pointing that out, it's not
like I wouldn't notice otherwise" and he's like "I meant
PEANUTS" and I'm like "SURE" and then he said something
about going to play with his nuts and I'm thanking him for
that lovely mental picture and he was laughing at me. Oh
yeah and then we were talking about how I have my Psych
degree so he was trying to get me to read his mind. I'm
thinking "You are such a dork!" Why do I like you so much,
lol? Possibly because that is part of his charm? Anyhoo.. I
should go for a bit.

Current mood: amused beyond belief- he is soooo funny
Current music: "Overprotected" Britney Spears

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