*blank stare*
2001-11-15 18:11:54 (UTC)


I'm writing this on 3 hours of sleep and a pot and a
half of coffee, so if it doesn't make a lot of sense,
that's why. Usually I don't make much sense anyway, but
today I have an excuse.
Yesterday I didn't do a whole lot until around 7ish,
when I went to Richard's (Mike's uncle) house to meet up
with Jake. We stayed there for a little while, listening to
music, (with Jake air-guitaring like a moron more often
than not), talking about all sorts of stuff, and curling up
together on the couch because the furnace was out of fuel
and it was colder in there than it was outside. After a
while Mike showed up, having gotten home midafternoon, and
we left to go to Mike's house. We spent the night there,
watching Shrek and Conan the Barbarian (which I found
surprisingly good... James Earl Jones fucking ownes in that
film)and discussing what we were going to name our
unfortunate firstborn children... (Mike plans on naming his
son Mister, since his last name is Rogers, and Jake wants
to name his son Really, Really Long... we're all sick in
the head) with all of us sqeezed on the pull-out couch, me
in the middle as per usual...which, of course, meant when
they decided to tickle me I was attacked from both sides.
(That sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it?) It was fun though.
We totally butcher the hell out of movies... and, let's
face it, there's not many actors more fun to imitate than
Arnold Schwartznegger.
Jake, who had to get up for work, decided to zonk out
on the pull-out around 4 or so, and Mike hopped on the bus
to dreamland around 5. I, however, stayed up till 8 am,
drinking insane amounts of coffee and reading one of Mike's
sibling's Harry Potter books to keep awake, which I did so
I could wake Jake up in time to go to work. Around 7 I went
in and woke Sleeping Beauty, aka known as Jake. He left
around quarter of 8, and I finally passed out around
then... woke up at 11, cleaned up the empty house a bit
(Mike was gone for the time being) and when Mike came back,
we talked for a bit and now here I sit. (Hee hee... rhyme)
Now, I am off to get some brunch and clean my
Subterrainian Shithole of a bedroom up... maybe do some
laundry...quite possibly pass out for 6 hrs or so. And as
soon as I get some money, I'm buying Jake a fucking travel
alarm clock for nights such as last night... I probably
have more caffiene than blood in my body right now, and
I'll pass out from pure exahustion in like 2 1/2 days in
the middle of a floor somewhere. Oh well, I offered. More
late-breaking news in the life of Mandy soon to come...
Current Music: God Save the Queen- The Sex Pistols (blame
it on Mike, we watched the SP documentary last night and I
got a crush on Sid Vicious)