**My L!F3...$huX** L0L
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2001-11-15 17:53:16 (UTC)

FRUITZ!!!!! LoS!

Sup Dudez!!!

WeLL, I've had a very VERY funny nite. I was talking to H
last nite and I tell you, I have never cracked up sooooo
hard in my life!!

It started off as a nice innocent conversation then all of
a sudden we were talking about fruit!! well, all i sed, is
that banana's were my favourite, nice big lonngg fat juicy
ones!! hehehehe (i wasn't thinking dirty or anything, it
just came out like that) then I explained to him how its
best when you suck on the banana until it goes all mushy
inside your mouth, and tha damn barstard started to go all
horny on me!! LOS!! well, we ended up talking about apples
and melons, cucumbers, watermelons and talked as if I was
the boss and he was the picker... (picker!! if ya know wut
i mean) he sed hes the best picker out. And I told him,
no, in order to be the best picker, wut you need to do,
is... of course pick the good ones... rub it... talk to
it.. rubit then talk to it lick it taste it etc etc...

I tell you, the stuff we talked about was HILLARIOUS!!

By the end of the nite we were calling each other all sorts
of nick names!! ahhh... damn.. L.O.S

gotta jet
** NeSiAn_GuRL **
PS:: I can't be bothered with Caleb anymore.. i give up, i
mean i still like him to the baddest... but yeah, im not
gonna chase him anymore until he comes up to me.. good idea
you think???