Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-03-25 16:54:11 (UTC)

I was so wrong about not caring..

I was so wrong about not caring about what I look like
after surgery!! My right cheecked puffed up like it had a
golfball in it! It didn't really hurt though. The only
thing that bugged the crap outta me was they made me pack
it with gauze till the bleeding stopped. talk about nasty!!
As soon as I got home I took the gauze out. You have to
change it like every 5 min!! So gross! They gave me amazing
pain killers though! I had Wes over thurs. after surgery,
WHOA BUDDY! He would look at me and I would start busting
up laughing! I mean the room was spinning so fast and
people in my pictures on my wall were moving. It was wild!
If I look like a freakin' squirrel with nuts in it's mouth
tomorow, I am so not going to school! Well that's about
all! later-

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