Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-11-15 17:26:12 (UTC)

Nothing new...

Actually...no, there's nothing new here; I still don't have
my most important gradesfrom the exams I did a week ago.
I'm so nervous; I just look at all of the exams that my
classmates did, and I just can't see any good grade
there...mine included ^^
I wanted to drop History of Art, coz it's really annoying
me, but mom said 'look, I let you drop Technical Drawing; I
won't let you drop yet another subject, or you'll be
studying forever!'...whatev. I have good grades, though; I
guess I'll have to stick to it right now. I hope I pass,
anyway...who wants to do History again!!
I've been working on each and every unfinished art I have
(some are really old, now), including Kell's Trigun art.
Everything's coming out nice. I'm CGing, as well; I'm
trying to upload everything and get out of it ASAP, but
HTML's so boring to me. I get tired of it...
You guys are so lucky, you can go see Harry Potter soon. I
have to wait till the 26, or something...eek