Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2001-11-15 16:09:17 (UTC)

An error in the previous entry

We regret to announce that in the previous diary entry a
mistake was made. This greivous error pains us to our very
soul, and Mr. Protagonist would like to appologize for
misdirecting anyone, or confusing anyone in anyway at anytime.
Anyhow, the error is as follows: Mr. Protagonist mentioned
that the currency of the great nation of Madagascar was the
Glockmlock, or some damn thing like that. We here at
managment would like to point out that this was dead wrong.
The great nation of Madagascar uses the Madagascarian
greezyho. There are 50 poontangs in one greezyho, 10
jenitelwards in one poontang, 5 pussez in one jenitelward
and 10 dikks in one pussez....but dikks arent worth shit.

Please accept out heartfelt apology on behalf of Mr.
Viva la Madagascar