Lost Slut
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2001-11-15 14:50:00 (UTC)


i am not the best sub in the world and hardly someone that
can offer advice..but..if your going to have a long
distance dom/sub relationship the be preparded for a world
class punishment..because the relationship has all the
elements of a has form but it's fill with
air..until you get together for your sechulded
meetings...during those meetings theres never enough time
for you to be eased into the is not to say that you
do not deserve the punishment..because its most certanly that you do
(i do) mistress and i had a convo last night that she feels that
i am in line with a very harsh punishment...but she has gone and
found an outside dom person to adminster the punishment...this is
wearing on my mind..for a number of that i will be
expossed to an outside dom...two that someone that i do not know is
going to beat my ass for a punishment to my mistress....this person
doesn't know me..just that i'm a sub....and that i will be delt withn
as realy sinks home how much you turn over your live to your
mistress..i am not a wimp or a fag or a gay or a pussy or any of
those things that are put in the same class with being a sub...but i
am a s sub to my mistress....and always will be..and she will own me
until she relaeses me....later