My Personal Diary (if u wanna read pleas
2001-11-15 14:15:17 (UTC)

Danial...what to do with my heart and him?

I just dont get it! Does Danial like me or what? Okay, I'll
start from the beginning. I never noticed Danial at the
beginning of the year. Then when my teacher put him next to
me I began to be attracted to him. I flirted but there
wasn't much "CHEMISTRY" as they call it..I mean I didnt
feel anything. It was just a small crush. Then my teacher
changed my place. I was sad. But then I realised that he
wasnt just a little crush. I was totally IN LOVE with him!!
Then my whole class had to move classrooms for whatever
reason(?)! My best friend sat next to him. I loved
him even more each day. Izkandar (my best guy friend) got
his number . He called Danial
and told him that I LOVED him, but ofcourse I denied it
even though I was madly in love with him, I just didnt want
people to know. So the next day at school I was sitting at
my place reading a book; I was alone; he walked in the
classroom, he looked at me with a slight grin on his face.
I felt so happy. But then when his friends came into the
class he acted like he wasnt interested in me WHATSOEVER! I
asked shaz to tell him that what he heard on the phone
wasnt true. He said "A-lah....". Then she asked,but if it
WAS true, would u like her. He said No. :-(!! I felt so
heart broken. Then a couple of weeks ago I represented my
school in High Jump. Danial and 15 other people were there
to take part in other activities. The high jump was the
last activity for the day. They (all the participants and
DANIAL) were sitting under this thing, I'm not sure of the
name. The opening was turned the other way so if u wanted
to see people high jumping, u had to peep under this little
gap between the track and the thing. I could see his head
peeping out. He was smiling at me. We were smiling at each
other. But the next day at school, he totally ignored me,
it was like he was a different person over night! The last
week of school was hectic, and embaressing. I'll write more
of my heart break later.