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2001-11-15 14:05:25 (UTC)

bass aackwards

In the fake class ... again. Still can't stand it. Getting
pissy at this fucking kb because it's not behaving. you
know, the usual.

webpage is getting done a little bit more. next thing to go
up would be writings and artwork. My creativity is no
longer limited to just drawings. ^.^
(you'll never look at legos the same.)

found kev's yearbooks the other day. that was fun. got to
gawk at him and his buddies. one of 'em ain't that bad
looking. i've heard some interesting stories about him and
his buddies. i promised i wouldn't repeat the one i'm
thinkin of though. let's just say it could only happen to

*blatent subject change*
i got to go to the front office- yay!
sub had me run an errand. *shrugs* we're not even supposed
to be on the internet. ... i'm in frontpage. (thanks gothie
for showing me that)
her comment "don't thank me, i'm doing the same thing."

speaking of gothie...
i saw her in habitat with the midgets she baby-sits. that
was funny. she was pratically flinging one of 'em around
the room. the kid loved it though.
*shrugs* she'd make an interesting parent- that's all i can

well, i'm leaving to find something else to do. i'm bored
as hell.