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2001-11-15 12:32:13 (UTC)


Sorry I have not typed for a while- ya see, my hard drive
went kaput. So I am typing this in the school library. Woo-
well at least I can still check my e-mail and my comics. I
would die without them!

Well I am getting a 66 in English- talked to Carroll- can't
get grade up but he is going to help me not procrastinate.
And he is going to help me with my stories whenever I feel
they are going no where. Now that things are peachy with
Carroll, I just gotta wait for this weekend to see what my
punishment is for a non honors report card. Prolly drop
working mondays and thursdays. *sigh*
I miss Tucker so much, but due to the dark weekend caused by
poor grades I am not planning to do anything with him for
fear of having to cancel. I am going to be getting a huge
phone bill. I do wish dad would get the plan so Westfield is
local, would save me from giving him a ton of money each
month. But the money keeps him from getting too upset. Next
weekend is Thanksgiving day weekend- 5 days off. Tucker has
the same days so I will get to see him at least twice
hopefully. Grandma is going to be joining us that weekend
too which means I have to dye most of my hair back to brown-
I am going to still have fun with the bangs thou.
Well this month marks my first anniversary on Elfwood- I
wanted to do a pic for it and post it but I have no
computer- the new hard drive is due today so hopefully we
can get all my files transfered.
That is all I can think of right now. Yep.

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