Zone of Misfortune
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2001-11-15 12:16:46 (UTC)


Tis a thursday already...presently i am bored out of my
mind in the Pub room, waiting for action. Weekend consists
of some plan for friday, nothing for saturday, which needs
to change, i think i'm playing guitar with dan, and
GAMECUBE on sunday...

As for now, i'm trying to write sketches so that i can make
more skits, cause right now, nobody is...and yet i'm on
here typeing. It has been a while since i did this
though. Got some e-mail telling me they'd shut it down if
i didn't start to write again.

So...what i want right now is a relationship...but, seeing
as I probably scare most girls away...oh well, i'll have to
work on that.


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