Censored For Your Pleasure
2001-11-15 10:53:46 (UTC)


I feel unwanted and alone. No one think anything of me coz
i don't do anything to stand out. I suck. No one cares.
How many people read this anyway. What, there's like 4 of
u *laffs* maybe less i don't even know.

Now i'm confusing myself.

The school concert sucked. I feel sorry for nick though
(the dude who played piano for the chior) If music fell
off and he was all upset coz he stuffed up.

My mind enjoys confusing me. Putting faces in my head,
stupid head.

Stupid and juvinile, that's all I am. That's all you see
me as. That's all I'll ever be.

I'd like to say screw you, but I can't, I need you, no, i
want you, you don't even see me. lol ... stupid