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2001-11-15 10:17:13 (UTC)

conversation with Louis

Louis called me last night, I was delighted of course
but then a little worried because mom is around. Sometimes
I think that she still sees me as a little kid when I am
already 20. I really want to tell her that I am old enough
to take care of my own business but then I know that in her
eyes, I will always be her little girl...

We didn't talk much and he asked me why I thought
about my ex. I told him that it was against my will and
when I have nothing to do, the memories just come
naturally. I told him that a lot of things happened between
us that he doesn't know and I was unwilling to tell him
because at that time, both my bro and my uncle is around.
Then we just talked about simple things. It felt like I am
having a boyfriend again.

He's a nice guy but at the looks department, he's a
little lacking. I think it doesn't bother me much at the
moment, but I am not sure if we go out if it would matter.
Stan was good-looking but he wasn't the one to give me the
happiness I was looking for in a r'ship. So looks is not
everything...I should've learnt that by now! Should I give
him a chance? Let's just let things flow naturally and see
how it goes...