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2001-11-15 09:57:04 (UTC)

Thursday Morning 3:45 am OD Crashes Once Again

Dear Diary:
I wake up and guess what is crashed again. OD has crashed once again. Good Lord, that site has more technical problems than the man on the moon.

Last night, I talked to my Nice But Naughty honey-
bear. He is so sweet. But he can not believe that
so many men love me and worship the ground I walk on. He is not at that point yet, but amazingly he
likes to fantasize about us having sex!

Interesting, huh? He is young though. He will turn 41 on Saturday. He is a good lover though. Reminds me of Rudy Richards back in 76.

For someone so young he is very gifted. I will not tell you how gifted, just know he is.

He is cute as a button. But then again, Beauty is
in the eye of the beholder. It matters only to
me that he is.

He has a few hang-ups though. He needs to let
go of his ex wife who dumped him over six years ago
and move on as she has moved on.

I mean I have been through two divorces and I do not pine away for either of them. They confess they still love me, both of them. The last one
died with a picture of me in his hands. We were

He would be quite a catch for the right young woman
if he would let go of his ex. She was once a nice
young woman but turned into a sneaky under handed
bitch by serving him divorce papers at his work site. How rotten can you get. It upset him and
he could not concentrate.

I believe she needs to be tarred and feather.

Honey-Bear, move on with your life. She hurt you
and you are allowing her to do so. Fight Back!!!!
I am here to help you-- Lean On Me.!

Love AmericanIrishRose
Karissa, NaughtyGirl_One

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