The gnarly adventures of Stormo
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2001-11-15 09:09:22 (UTC)

I dunno

Ok well I'm still pissed off about Unwritten Law. Ok what
else. We went out last nite to the usual place we go on
Wensdays. Saw Toto (name changed) there, he's joined a ska
band The Lads. There a pritty good band I hafta say, so he
must be pritty happy. I'm pritty happy for him to. Saw JD
there to and Ghandi (name changed). Actually it was a
pritty good nite I hafta say. Good band, good company, lots
of drinx.
Had to work 2day which was a bit of a bitch but ah who
cares it's all good rite? Um yeah shit I had stuff to say
and I can't remember what it was anymore.
Fuck man thats iritating hardcore.
I really just wanna go punch someone in the face rite now.

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