DayDream Believer
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2001-11-15 08:39:47 (UTC)

My boy

Today I miss S* like crazy, all I can think about is how
happy he was maiking me. I havent been close to get realy
happy, you know, like people in the movis are since March,
and thats starts to be a long time ago.

In my work of finding my self Im doing just fine, I`ve been
bussy with school this week, I admit, but I kind of like it.
Now all thats left is an essay til Friday, or if Im lucy
I told Matt yesterday that I could not see him on Friday
couse I`ll have to go bed early to get up for my job on
Saturday. Maybe I`ll see him for a while on Saturday, but I
dont want a date.

But I`ll have to go now, my teacher want me to do some
shcool work, so I better do that.

Take care!