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2001-11-15 07:28:47 (UTC)

My Daughters Birthday

Today was my daughters 6th birthday..Boy, was it a
day.She is in Kindergarten and turned like I said 6.This
all day long she did not let this family forget.Her
Grandmother said to her ,"Fallon please feed the cats..."To
this my daughter replied ," Today I am 6 and do not do such
trival childish jobs anymore,give the job to my little
brother for he is still a kid!"It neared time for her to go
to school to her I said," Fallon please brush your
hair.."To this my daughter than replied ,"I am 6 today and
I am big if I don't want to brush my hair I won't..and well
I don't want to brush my hair!" She then proceeded to tell
me that ,"today she is 6 and that things around this house
would be changing for today she is 6 and she is a big gurl
now!!" The day went on without incident until she came home
from Kindergarten ..She was sucking on her fingers so I
looked at my daughter and said ," Fallon today you are 6
and you are big .. and big gurls do not suck their
fingers!" I also said to her ," Fallon you are 6 today and
you are a big gurl now ,so now it is your responsibility to
brush your own hair and to keep it neat!" To this she just
looked at me and didn't reply.Later that night after I
returned home from work ,she looked at me and said ,"Mom
find my nightgown , please?" I looked at her and
said ,"Well where did you put it ?" to this she replied," I
dunno, I haven't seen it since I was 5!" Kids what would we
ever do without them?