2001-11-15 07:22:54 (UTC)


So today the dumbfuck that was supposed to relieve me at
work called off so I worked untill 1 am. YES i love 11 hour
shifts at Sunoco. I hate that stupid asshole that gets paid
more than i do and ive been there longer and dont call off
like he does every week? (no resentment here, really)
Alright so i talked to my dad today and he told me that
he lost his job b/c the company was downsizing and he told
me christmas was not going to include as many gifts. What
bothers me is that he thinks thats all I care about,
presents, whatever. All I want id to be with my entire
family and thats not possible because every year I have to
pickl a side and its ridiculious. I hate the holidays. oH
well thats life it must go on right?
im out

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