It smells like poop over here
2001-11-15 06:28:13 (UTC)

good or bad?...or both?

i went to AFI today and it rocked st. andrews hall!! i went
with my friend nikki, it ruled! the first 3 bands sucked,
but AFI was cool. the opened up with "strentgh through
wounding," what a suprise? now onto a different old same
topic. i guess my friends were right, i do miss having a
girlfriend. and since i've never really dated anyone,
except for andrea, i think about her a lot. and having her
call me, or come see me at work to see if i want to get
back together. but she is over me, so i don't think that'll
happen anyway. i really pissed her off. sides, even if she
did want to get back together, knowing me, (and i do cause
im me) id prolly say no to another shot at our
relationship. i don't think it could ever work again, or
have survived in the first place. i guess ill move on,
whenever im ready, until now, im good just having a good
time, workin my ass off and complaining online. it's like
1:30 am so im off to bed. well, actually, im just done with
my diary, night!