Life as I know it.
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2001-11-15 06:05:29 (UTC)

what now?

I talked to Matt last night...well actually moreso he
talked to me. Seems he is a moron and regrets ever
breaking up with me, he wants to be with me again, he is
like 90 percent sure im the one, is scared that there might
be something better out there and all that jazz and thats
why we aernt together but he doesnt want me to ever not be
with him...freaked out when i said i was gonna move outta
oakland and all that jazz. says he wants to make things
work, i told him its all on him, i am not contributing
anymore to this, i told him im tired of being hurt. Said
he should have married me when he had the chance so he
would be with me, told him marriage solved nothing.

went with melynda, ian, and ryan to see social distortion
tnight, matt was there came over and said hi to me, which
was nice, once again im not making any moves before he
does. show was good it was at metropool which sucks.
cause hey, metropool sucks. i hurt, i got killed in the
pit during "ring of fire" which made me think of matt even
more so cause i burned him a cd and put social d's version
on it. what is a girl to do?