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2001-11-15 05:27:21 (UTC)

Just a little addition......

cause I wanted to tell you that guys are completely
confusing the hell out of me.....ex's, friends, and just
plain guys......arg!!! arg!!!! arg!!!!!

Ok, well I just found out that I am a sister of Sigma Alpha
Beta...which stands for Sisters At the Bottom....my only
other sister is Erin Raynor. This sorority came about as a
sister organization to Lamda Alpha Beta...Lonley at the
Bottom with consists of Hamilton Parks, Matt Sparrow, and
Mike Marino. Well these were formed because all of our
friends are paired up into couples now and we are alone.
OH well like I stated in my last one...just give into life
and let it take over...haha let's see how hard this one is
going to be considering the control freak that I am....oh