2001-11-15 05:20:50 (UTC)

My first entry..

Hey! =o) This is my first entry in my new diary.. I've had
blog's and journals.. But, i got sick of them quick.. There
was to much html work to be done everytime.. And it was to
much for me, seeing i already do tons of everyday things to
my website ( Well, anyways.. i really
dont have much to say.. i havent did anything today. I sat around all
day in my pajamas!! I didnt even go anywhere.. That sux.. but i did
clean out my room a little. Because were going to be having a yard
sale, so i was going through all the old clothes i didnt want..
And tomorrow.. im gonna go to my best friends baby shower..
and then were goin to walmart to get some signs to put up
for the yard sale!! =o) Im so excited.. i love yard sales..
It's so fun getting up real early & sittin outside all day
hearing people say .. how much? And we say 5 dollars.. and
they say.. how about 1 dollar.. And im like Be-Otch we
probably paid good money for this and you want it for a
frickin dollar.. But we end up always givin for a dollar
anyways.. It's all good.. mannn i mean!! But, oh well the
truth is the truth eh? well, i dont really much much to say
so im gonna go now, i'll type later.. or maybe tomorrow.
Goodnight everyone & God bless you all..

Love always.. Charit