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2001-11-15 04:48:49 (UTC)

15th November 2001 Thursday 4.35am.

Dear diary,
I just started my online journal today so I'm
just gonna intorduce myself first of all.

I'm from Scotland, my hobbies are writing poetry, short
stories and plays, dancing, visiting places, collecting
music, and keeping fit. (There the boring part is all done,
now I can get on to telling you how my day is......)

Everyone in my house is asleep at the moment so it's
all very quiet for a while. I have been up all night
watching videos, I love action video's and martial arts
video's. My three faveroute actors are: Jackie Chan, Keifer
Sutherland and Brandon Lee. Brandon Lee was sensational in
the film 'The Crow' which is one of my faveroute films.

I collect music such as Madonna, R.E.M,
Bryan Adams and Placebo. Muscic is great and I'm proud of
my entertaining collection. The weather in Scotland is
bloody freezing! The winter is sure rushing in. But there
is no snow yet, I love it when snow falls because we don't
get to see a lot of it which is a shame!

I just ate like a full packet of cheesy biscuits and now
my stomach is churning! eeeuuurrrgghhhh.
But I think writing in the diary is fun and different so
I'm gonna stick with it for a while and see how it all
goes, and I'll try and write every day if I can (or every
morning) so we'll see. But for now I'm off to read other
people's diary's.

So I'll see you again and hope you liked the first page of
my new Journal! thank you!
bye bye: From: DHM xxxx