Schmarmish Blaffle
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2001-11-15 04:47:45 (UTC)


current mood: neutral
current music: None, because my harddrive died and I lost
all my mp3s, and am too lazy to download new ones. But
there's Austin Powers playing the the room beside this one.

I haven't written in this for a while.
And you know why?
Because there has been *nothing* to write about.
Zip. Zilch. Nothing.
It's so pathetic.

Harry Potter is comming out in like 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I'm
*so* excited for it... on Friday I'm going with my school
friends, and on Saturday I get to go with Vicky, Erin and
Red, and have a sleepover afterward!!!!

Of course, our sleepovers tend to be filled up with nothing
but Harry Potter talk, Bitter Synchro Politics, and how
stupid, wrong, and generally inferior everyone else.

I really should try to write somthing. I keep starting
stuff... and then I never, never, never finish it. Sad,

So. Nothing has happened at *all*, except for my bitter
party increasing, and the HP movie much closer, and...
that's it.

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