Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-15 04:47:31 (UTC)

The Vortex

Twisting, rotating, spinning. A violent tempest was
created that rose into the night sky and summoned all of
the earth's cloud cover into its nullified center.
Lightning was generated as the wind howled and the earth
buckled under the intense gravitational pull of the
maelstrom. Trees flew by, buildings flew by, houses flew
by. Nothing could escape, nothing could be saved. To the
paralyzed onlookers, a brief wave of hysteria hit before
the earth broke up around them and carried them into the
vortex, carrying their screams of fear and regret with
them, drowning it among the swirling matter. Had God
finally come to take his creation away, or did a group of
scientists forget to make one more calculation and thus
cause the destruction of the planet. No one knew the
answer as the third planet and its one satellite ceased to
exist and was replaced by a darkened hole of nothingness.
And even that wasn't enough, as the hole grew exponentially
larger and swallowed up the second and fourth planets. Did
God indeed choose to end his creation with such a display
of power, or did man finally destroy itself unknowingly in
the pursuit of lofty goals, and did there exist a
difference between the two? Humanity wouldn't know the
answer anymore.