thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-15 04:03:35 (UTC)


Well, today has been interesting I mean nothing too
exciting happend, but I'll explain. I have been going
throuh a phase in which I have been having horrible
nightmares, I dont want to explain what, but just know they
really suck. It has been so bad that I'm kind of afraid to
go to sleep. I wake up at like 1-3 and just sit and try to
read. I hate this, joselin tells me it's stress, and the
body has random stress it needs to get out but this is
terrible. I hope I get over this. But on with the day, I
took my usual shower and went on with the day like normal,
as far as normal goes, I got josh up and we went to
school. Yay stupid school. I hate school, it's so
annoying, I hate all the stupid cedar park kids, but that's
another story. I had a "usual" B day, I mean nothing
special, but it was school. And then I got home and ate
some lunch and took off to work early of course I got some
extra time which was needed, cause julia told me if I took
a cub scout troop on a tour of the clinic, I could go home
early so I did and I left. I came home and cleaned our
game room no biggie, then I went out and bought some new
games for my playstation 2. I bought Tony Hawk Pro Skater
3 and Soul Reaver 2. They are both fun and if I get
depressed at least I have something to bury myself in. but
I dont think I will be for a while. I hope not, all except
for the nightmare thing everything is going really well and
I am so happy, but I'll go for now.