My problems.
2001-11-15 03:44:11 (UTC)

Something I have to say.. ((Must Read))

I love life. I know it sounds odd to hear from me, but I
love life. Every little thing about life is worth it. There
may be ups and downs in life, but theres always gonna
be good times. And you have to look foward to those
good times. Bad things will always happen, its a given
fact, but you can't look at those things, you have to turn
the cheek, you have to ONLY look at the positive. If you
look at the negative you will only feel crappy about
yourself. If you look at the positive you will always feel
good. No matter what. Whenever you think about
something bad you automatically start to feel like crap
but if you look at what you have you will start to feel
better. That is my belief now.

I've been going through life only looking at the bad
things in my life, never really looking at the good. Why
did it take me so long to finally see what life really is? I
dunno, but I'm glad I found out now and not when I was
much much older. I think you must appreciate and look
at what you have in order to truly be happy. You have to
use what you got, you have to use it to the fulless. You
can't just sit back and watch your life go on without you
because it will.

Now that I've begun to start to look at the good sides of
life I have learned some things about me. I have a
decent life, not the best, but its decent. How many kids
do you know that at 17 have their own 32" TV, DVD
player, VCR, Stero, Cell Phone, Powerbook, every game
systerm, etc... Not that many. I am very spoiled and I
haven't even appreciated it. You know why? Cause I
always looked at the bad things in life. I am begining to
start to see what my life is all about.

I'll tell you one thing that has a huge affect on your life --
your friends. They affect you in lots of ways. They can
make you laugh, smile, happy, sad, upset, horrified;
anything. What the say really has an affect on you
because sometimes you don't know if their bein
sarcastic or truly feel that way. Thats something I have
to work with. Cause I am a trusting guy, and I beleive a
lot of things people tell me. Sometimes it maeks me
feel like crap and they see that in me, but they continue
with the insults and stuff. Sometimes it really does feel
like their trying to hurt me, but I know their just fooling
around and stuff. I think,

I guess it's pretty easy to insult me and make fun of me
because I always act like it effects me... But it usually
doesn't, I just let it go one ear and out the other but I act
like it affects me, I don't know why.

I know its odd having a guy like me, a guy that tells you
how horrible his life is telling you how fabulous it is. I
know its odd, but I'm slowly changing. Slowly. I am
trying to better my life so I can be happy.


Today was a really fun day in my eyes. I hung out wit
my peeps in the morning and nothing else happend
until Economics and after school. In Economics
Angela wrote out my Economic project thing on an
overhead so that we could present tommarow, and we
talked about how I'm going to DIE in our presentation. I
don't get it... But tommarow we will present.

I decided to stay after school today at the last minute.
But It was really worth it I think. We hung up in the
library for a lil' while and then we went outside. FUN
FUN FUN! Stephanie but this pink stuff around my
head and so I left it. Then Angela started to beat me up.
its fun fighting with her. I dunno why, but it just is. So
after she started to beat me up she started to try and
take off my new bandana. She took it off a couple times
and tried to choke me with it but it was all in fun. Then
she tried to get me in a headlock and I picked her up
and it was funny. Then she got on me again or
something and I fell ontop of her hehe... I hurt her leg I
guess, I didn't mean to and I'm sorry for that.

Then this other girl started to try to beat me up with
Angela. I forgot her freaking name and its pissing me
off. But, she started to beat me up too and that was fun.
So then I started to play hack and that girl ((FORGOT
HER NAME... SORRY)) jumped on my back and I gave
her a piggy back while playin hack.. ((Heheheheehe..
that rhymes)) And that was a lot of fun because I
showed me awesome skill.. lol. Yeah right. Then
Angela left and I dunno if she saw me wave bye but I

Then that girl and me started foolin' around with this
other kid. Me and him played nipple hack last time I
stayed after and we got a lil' friendship goin on.. I
dunno. But, we had a lot of fun. I gave that girl like 4
piggy backs and the other guy and me started this huge
argument thing for fun. He showed me his keychain
and it had Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo on it.. hehe...
So then we talked about how he had shit on his
keychain and then he pulled up two tootsie rolls and ate
them. I was like hahaah U got shit in ur mouth. lol.
Then that girl took my bandana off and put it on herself
and said whats this wet stuff and I said sweat and the
other kid said it was his cum. Sick shit. But the story
goes on. He wore a bandana too but it went around his
jaw too so we started this huge thing about how his jaw
hurt and stuff and I told him to stop eating the tootsie
roll and stuff and we just went back and forth like that.

Then we started doin something else, that girl hit me
and I said something like, who did that, and she said it
wasn't her so I said, alright I beleive ya and then the
other guy hit me and said it was her and I fake believed
him and stuff and we went back and forth hittin each
other. Then he said he was my shadow and when she
hit him she was hittin me and when she hit me she
was hittin him. You have no idea how much fun I had.
Its one of those things that make you feel good through
the whole day. I had a blast and I'm sure they did too.

And this is why ... I love life.