The land of unknown
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2001-11-15 02:42:56 (UTC)

Who Cares?!

Mood: hmm.... a balanced state of contentment
Music: Systematic 'Return To Zero'

well, i've been neglecting my duties on here again.
things are looking a little better. i've been sort of inching
my way through each little 'path' to see what it holds,
just so i get a glimps of what my choices are. a few of
my 'paths' don't hold much fruit. if u know what i mean.
THEY SUCK! well, each path has some sort of fun in it
for me. but don't hold much of a future. maybe i can
comprimise some of my paths. there are some things i
hold in higher regard then myself. my stories and
music. i hope to find a path that has hopes for
releasing my stories and/or music. see, one path
seems to be, continue ignoring homework and school
work, and continue work with Steve. so we get a bunch
of songs done and maybe have some sort of music
career. but there are things i find not cool with that. i
know my parents would never accept my music. they'd
be so pissed at me with that path. then again, i could
change my study habbits and get good grades while
giving up some luxuries. then proceed to computer
graphics. i can take some paths from that. do computer
graphics stuff for a living (no way) or with a highschool
DIPloma, go to work with comics like i want to. sounds
good, but a lot of the work in school is uneccassary and
is waisting my time. that's why i haven't done work in a
while. a lot of it, i don't need except just for passing
highschool. yet another path, there's this dude Al i've
been getting to know. he's one of those class clowns
who makes jokes at the expense of himself and others
who he may not know. at first, he was using me to
make jokes, but then while trying to intimidate me (i
guess) he asked if i'd heard Cannibal Corpse. i said
yes. then he asked if i liked them. i said yea. they're
cool. and boy did that surprise him. he kept asking me
'really?' cuz he was seeing if i was messing with him.
then he started treating me different. started talking to
me some. then one day, he saw my Stitch patch on my
back pack and asked about them. then told me to listen
to black metal. and i'm like 'one step ahead of u, dude'. i
listed a few of them that i listen to. he was surprised
again to hear me list off bands like Cradle of Filth and
Dimmu Borgir. at the end of that day, he told me his
screen name. so later i imed him and we were talking
some. mentioned bands to each other. he's cool. i'm
not sure what would be that path, but i'm still cautious.
maybe i have more paths waiting for me. but i'm gonna
try to compromise them. do school work at the expense
of some luxuries, still writer stuff with Steve and still talk
with Al. unfortunetly, i still see no love for me. but right
now, i'm not too sad about it. it's not bothering me at the
moment. things are getting better. slowly but surely.
and it looks that way for the world too. haha! the taliban
are running. loosers. haha! and i say, WHO CARES?!
and i mean, who cares what i name this entry. IT
DOESN'T MATTER!! not to quote that fag, the rock. or as
Pablo always called him, 'the crock'. hehe. yea. or how
about the cock? ha!