shay files
2001-11-15 02:19:21 (UTC)


hey guys! well my main goal and thoughts right now are on
losing weight! im trying to so badly but its really really
hard! i dont kow how to do it! i try so hard to not eat
sweets and all that but i cant do it! please if anyone has
any ideas please respond to all my friends say
i dont have to lose weight but wheneverim w/ them ifeel so
ugly and fat cuz all my friends are super skinnyand
gorgeous and so i jsut feel horrible. adn its like i like my
face and if my body wer better than i would be pretty happy
with my outer appearance. my goal is to lose this weight by
summer and for highschool cuz i sorta wanna start fresh ina
way.. i dont kow well i just wanna lose the weight and feel
good about myself finally and not feel like guys dont like
me cuz im fat! well until later...
write me some ideas please!!!!!!!