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-=-My So Called Life-=-
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2001-11-15 02:03:33 (UTC)

Details of my Own Hell like Haven

Ok, my sucked majorly and entirely. First of
all, Brad....well he knows I like him, and that is sorta
weird so I was a lil uneasy all day anyways. And we had a
half day. So anyways, we were in english and the teacher
gave us half of the class to do whatever we wanted, and
Brad is in that class too:o) but anyways, Brittany starts
talking about James n her making out(her on-off boyfriend)
and I'm like I cant believe ur mom caught u guys, and she
goes yea i kno, and i asked if she was all up on him or
whatever, n she screams out, "WELL YOU WERE ALL OVER JOE
NEGLIA AT MY PARTY!" even tho i really wasnt, he kept
trying to put his arm around me n i'd like walk away. and
then i give her the bulging eye look to drop it, because by
now matt k. who i used to like n is friends with fucking
joe neglia is like WHATTTT. cuz this is sumthin i like to
keep under wraps cuz it was a mistake and even tho he is
cute....uhh no. So anyways, Brad is starting to pay
attention now and then Britt screams atleast 10x "YOU
KISSED JOE NEGLIA!!!!!!" really loud n being really
obnoxious and i turned atleast 100 shades of red and i had
hot tears in my eyes and Brad...i couldnt look at him and i
scream at britt "SHUT UP BRITT JUST DROP IT" and she wont,
so i ignore her n turn around n try not to cry as i kno
brad is disgusted, cuz brad is all sweet 100% jock great
guy, and joe neglia is just dumb. and britt wont stop it
and i like ran out of the room and had to sit thru a class
w/ brad all next period and i was still bright red and my
normal color didnt return till 2 periods later. i am a very
sensitive person. and now i can never bring myself to look
at brad brach again. not that itd matter cuz i never had a
chance in hell. hes too..........all american. i am not
wham bam enuff i guess. fuckkkk he just signed on. why do i
luv him? ! ? i want to im him, but.......i have a feeling
he will ask about joe neglia

marisa came over 2day n made me feel better. we walked to
burger king, had fun n then made up dances for our joe
mauer video song dance tap we are making 2morro.


IcYbOo29 [9:02 PM]: i'm like how would u know and shes
like i can just tell i'm like shut up u hoesnatch
IcYbOo29 [9:03 PM]: tomorrow should be very interesting
Xx SweEtQTiE xX [9:03 PM]: didnt i use that word?
IcYbOo29 [9:03 PM]: ooo fuck
IcYbOo29 [9:04 PM]: what word?
Xx SweEtQTiE xX [9:04 PM]: hoesnatch
IcYbOo29 [9:04 PM]: dont worry shanen u didnt make it up
its been around