2001-11-15 01:35:54 (UTC)

new stuff

decided to erase all my previous entries as you can see,
diary getting kinda full, and oh well i wanted something to
do. hmmmmmmmm. what to write about. i didn't go to school
today. felt pretty crappy and didn't want to get out of
bed. so i didn't. for ahwile. then i did. i ate a lot of
apples, man, we have the green ones (for once, my fav.) so
i ate like five, and that's about all i ate. except for
some cereal with ice cream. easier on the stomac than milk
i've found, and less rich than cream..hahah. then i had a
roll. an onion roll. those are good, and hey i didn't feel
too sick after i ate which is a first..haha. i didn't go to
violin lessons today, oh well...i kinda wanted to though.
it's fun. teacher says i'm doing good. according to my mom
he just says that to everyone whether he thinks that or
not, thanks mom. way ta bring up the self esteem. i can
make it sound sorta not ear shattering now. that's a step
right? i'm listeining to a perfect circle right now, they
are sooo good. orteses and 3 lybras are my fav. songs. they
are so amazingling good i can't even discribe
should listen if you don.t i was reading all these old
letters last night cuz i couldn't sleep...some from people
in utah some was intersting to say the least. see
i realized all the stuff from old boyfriends was a load of should never write love letters if you don't
mean it really, i mean they sure wasted a lot of time to
write all that bullshit. and i read some of the mean ones
too, it was pretty funny. i sat there and laughed. ok so
there was only one mean one. adn it is really funny. if you
want i'll let you read it sometime , you'll be sure to get
a kick out of it like i did. that really sucks for him
though he all thought he was gonna hurt my feelings and i
read it and laughed..oh well. going to school tommra, and i
don't care cuz it's thursday! then i have friday monday
tuesday and wednsday and school is done for
thanksgiving..hehe. and rich will be here tuesday..stupid
dork hasn't been home in a long time...err. hehe. well i
guess that's all for now, leave a message! (thanks rich btw
you are the only one who does anymore!)