.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-11-15 01:02:09 (UTC)

only wednesday

this week is going dissapointingly slow. though monday was
nice catharsis for first marking period stress and stage
crew chaos, im still not calm. tool is on y100, weird.
this song always brings back weird old memories of ex
boyfreidns and new ambiguous boys in which i cant decipher.

ive been thinking, a lot, lately about Dan, dan adamson,
back from the summer, i guess he still has my green album,
i dont care though, he can have it, i still wonder what hes
up to, wheres and whos hes living with, and all that,
everytime is see or talk to nicole i think about him too, i
dont know, i emailed him a few weeks back, i got a short "i
miss you" responce and thats all, i guess i'll just let
what happens happen, i dont expect him to call or write,
its prolly better that way though. next time im in west
chester, maybe i'll just stop by to say hi, or maybe i wont.

Plans. sometimes i think jim is a little pretentious, not
in an obnoxious way, more of a last drastic attempt for
attention, i feel bad for him, hes so sad, too sad for me,
i love drastic emotion, but this isnt what im looking for,
when ever will and i are alone, we talk about the jim and i
situation, it just confuses me more. so forget it. he
says just let it go, dont obsess or worry, its not htat i
do either of these things, its just that im so cautious
around him i almost feel distant. and awkward.

im scanning web cams on makeoutclub, i had this great idea
to do a StarGirls profile for alyssa, me and alicia of
starletta, so we can get contacts, get shows out, and maybe
even snag some emo boys.

my theory of punk stages has changed from from a general
patternt,to more of a individual basis, for my self it went
somthin like this... (starting spring 2000 to present)

i dotn include the usual synth, hip hop or rap casue it
doent fit, curerntly im stuck on teh emo and hardcore

My Kids: First Daugter Autumn... Second Daugter or First
Boy... rae/Ray thats all

thers a cute emo song on the radio,