Reality Bites
2001-11-15 01:00:14 (UTC)

Is there someone out there for..

Is there someone out there for everyone? Or just a bunch of
people wandering aimlessly looking for love. Sometimes I
wonder because if there is someone for are
people in love more than once? I myself have thought I was
in love once....but the guy ended up being a moronic
jerk...and now my ex-best friend. How do people change so
drastically? I think to myself that just over a year ago I
was having 3 and 4 hr. conversations with this guy and
trying without any sucess to find something wrong with him,
now the list is a mile long and those who know us now think
of us as nothing more than stangers. It doesn't really
bother me...but I think of who he has become...and who I
have become and its sad. Our worst qualities fed off of
eachother...We each had no confidence except he let me give
him enough complements to pass the days. And as for me?
When I was with him, he made me feel like the most special
person in the world-on a good day. On a bad day he could
treat me like shit and I'd keep coming back for more. What
an ass, but was I more of an ass for taking it?

I really hope there's someone out there for me