2001-11-15 00:34:46 (UTC)

A Day at Home

This morning I baked an orange cake, made the dough for the
pepperoni bread, and made chicken noodle soup. This was all
done by 9 a.m.

Then I found an old apron and used that as my pattern. I
cut out three of them but only sewed one up. They were easy
to make and are of the material I like (a white
polyster/cotton). I put a pocket where I wanted it and I've
worn it most of the day. I'll finish up the other two
tomorrow. They cost me about six dollars for the material
for the three of them and I can't find them for sale for
less than fifteen dollars each so I was happy with that.

It was windy for a while in the morning but it was a warm
wind. It blew down the basketball hoop, which is on a stand
which should have had water in it to keep it steady but it was
empty. Gavin and Hugh put it back up and then filled it
with water when they got home from school. It's in the
driveway and as it's dark when John comes home from work
now, he might have hit it.

John called me from work today to tell me Wanda had some pie
apples if I wanted them. I said yes. I can always use pie

In the afternoon I sewed some of the six Angel blocks I'd
cut out yesterday. I also e-mailed back and forth with Jack
for a bit. I told him I hoped he didn't have trouble in the
airports when he comes home for Christmas because he's dark,
wears black clothes, has long hair and a goatee, and will
be a young, single male traveling alone across country.

I guess being a 20-year old senior at Johns Hopkins University
won't count for anything. I told him I read today about a Greek
neuroscientist who was tossed off a plane in Portland because another
passenger thought he was acting strange. He never was told exactly
what it was he was doing that the other passenger thought
was strange. It sounds to me like people are getting way
too paranoid and the terrorists will win if people no longer
have civil rights.

Jack told me not to worry. He'll wear a pink shirt with a
bunny on it. Ha, ha. He also reminded me that people are
dumb. After all, the airlines still refuse to make sure
that all the baggage on a plane is connected to the
passengers and they still put mail on commercial airliners
without checking it for explosives. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Half
the human race has a below average IQ, he told me. Yeah, I
know. I just keep forgetting.