Electric monkey
2001-11-15 00:11:24 (UTC)

11-14-01 [oh the thought....]

tomorrow isnt going to be too great. suddenly a great new
beginning with everyone in my lunch, including graham for
once, has turned to hell. im now in C lunch, sobiech told
us it had been changed and we were now in C. = really
blows. i dont know of anyone in C lunch. and thats the only
time that i could possibly see graham the WHOLE day. now
ill ONLY see him on thursdays... and the weekends... which
isnt much at all. durring the day will totally blow.
but i shouldnt complain... itll only make it worse.
although thats about all i can do right now.
today marks 5 months with graham.. although nothing was
said bout it. its just in my own little mental calendar...
listening to Portishead. thanks anna.
talked to anna a while tonight. only to find she has B
lunch as well. but it was a nice chat. hadnt really talked
to her in a long time. and we realized we havt had a class
together since Psychology...yep... we've just had lunch
together most of the time.

whats on lindsey's desk?
candy wrappers scatter about.
pop cans here and there.
a digital camera and some 2 sided tape.
an 8x10 pic of graham and i playing guitar together in the
m&m guy
remote for my VCR
jar with pencils and pens
my computer
mini M&M tube
After-sun burn relief
empty baby bottle pop
1 floppy disk
a stack of pictures. mostly of cardboard members and graham
folded notes
box of nerds
my journal
the special "moon rock" thats been in everyone's mouth, and
the number keeps growing.
nail polish [black and silver]
lil thing of eye shadow
glue stick
3 pennies
and that concludes what is on my desk right now.

yep... so that was pretty pointless. yet fun and time
filling... for both me and you!
im going to go now..


PS- 7:15-7:30am baby, here i come... vs. 5:45am.