Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-15 00:10:02 (UTC)

Ladies-Mini Skirts do pay off

Today I wore this skirt from express and I didn't even
think I looked all that good-personally I felt like I was
fat shit when I left the house this morning. Well the whole
day at school I got compliments about how cute I looked
from my posse, and all the guys said that they thought I
looked damn fine (thank you-I did not fish for compliments
today and I just have to brag because it made my day so
much fun!)But anyways, I feel really bad for Marissa
(that's where the long day comes in) people were all up in
her business and there was nothing I could help her out
with, I felt horrible for her. I hate it when people are
all up in my business for nothing, just trying to screw
things over, and it's just frustrating because people think
you can't slove problems on your own, that you have no
idependence! How fucked is that?! Well the phone is ringing
and it's for me, I better go answer it, but I'll write more
about vball tryouts tomorrow!