Same Drug
2001-11-14 23:53:32 (UTC)

ruined my life.

last nite i got reely drunk and kissed with my boyfriends
ex GIRLFRIEND. my best friend stacy. andy was not happy at
all, but he knew it was petty to be so so he pretended not
to be and we fell out coz he told me to fuck off. but now
its kewl and hes apologising for it! wen i it was totally
me! i gotta get my personal statement dun.. and my english
notes. the Printsix project is coming along well, except
nikki aint contributing much, she has changed alot i dnt
really like her much anymore, same with sam. she is a
superbitch now everyone has noticed she thinks she is
pretty too... wot a lie! she is goin out with chris now she
is happy so good for her. i was supposed to have a
psychology assesment but i didnt for some reason we learned
about social psychology..

andy just asked if shug could hav my sum 41 ticket, i was
quite annoyed and pointed out that ifi dont see him on
friday then on saturday he will be running round with his
friends. we had a big fall out and he siad we wherent rite
for eachother. then he said he had to go and he loved me.
oh yeah and he told his mum i cheated on him!!!! now she
will hate me! oh well ya win some you loose sum.. im in a
passive mood now. oh thats another thing i called andy
passive and stacy told him! she copied and pasted our
convo! so now im not gunna trust anyone, tis just me
agsinst the world... instead of me and him. boy i miss that
i hope stuff gets sorted. i miss him. talking to scott
cheared me up lots tho. he thinks girl and girl is bitchin!

our whole relationship has bn ruined coz i did 1 stoopid
fing.i regret it deeply... and i wanna go see sum 41!!!

shug is a baw :'( :'(