The Basement
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2001-11-14 23:46:27 (UTC)

How embarassing...kant get any worse...

hey, I guess from now on I will keep 2 entries per day. one
entry is for skool and da other entry will be of wateva
happens at da end of da day.
Today in skool we had ta do dis map challenge.It wasn't dat
bad except da fact I sort of embarassed amhself infront of
2 classes... all 8th graders had ta memorize da state and
capitals, and da landforms in da U.S. A class will go over
to another class and compete on who memorizes da most. Our
class went over to Ms. Leons class. It wasn't dat bad...
until it was mah turn. Da classes had slip up with each
class on da opposite walls and da teachers will read dem
outloud while da students take turns pointing or answering
an U.S geography question. I was at da back of my classes
line so I naturally started spacin out becuz it was so
boring and all da classes had ta remain silent or else dey
will earn a point.(point isn't a good thing) anyhoo, it was
mah turn and I thought it was da other classes turn so I
just stood dere thinikin 'bout J. Da teacher asked da
question and I guess mah head was slow ta realize wat she
sayin & before I kan stop mahself, I said J's name
outloud... da friends dat kno about me being bi started
laughin dere ugly asses off. So yeah both da classes
started askin meh who waz J throught da whole day. damnit!
Dats basically mah embarassing
In P.E mah friend Joanna is being a biotch. She is all
pissy when I asked a question.She is ignoring everybody and
dissing ppl.Okey imma gonna bounce now...need ta copy mah
friends 6 page notes for da exam on Friday. :P baibai

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