my name?

my boring life
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2001-11-14 23:37:42 (UTC)


today i had a detention i was going to go to i really was
but then...i got side and Jill left school
during forth period while we were previously not in 3rd
period, we didnt go we just chilled with mike... Well
anyways...i left school and we met up with Kyle and Dave we
were all chilling down by the pavilion. Me and kyle were
fighting he of coarse one because lets see hes a guy...he
gave me his jacket how sweet not really!!! in a way i want
him and Jen to hook up but in another way i dont idk its
all good. We were in a dave n's car for a lil while he has
a pretty cool car...he wouldnt believe that i was friends
with his sister Katie but oh well. Then we went over by the
school parking alot at 113 when the people normally get
out. Then i met up with Matt this shawn kid and someother
guy and Jen and we went up to my house and that was the
extent of my day...
In away i am starting to not like living here im not the
same person as i was in litchfield...i have changed in many
ways and for some reasons i dont think i changed for the
best.. i mean i like almost everyone in the school but,
like i have lost alot of friends from the new friends i
made. Some of the people i have known for a while hardley
even talk to me anymore ...and im not talking about people
from litchfield...and i am doing alot of things that i kno
i will regret later on...My grades here are alot better
here tho i think. I think that the people i am hanging out
with are really nice and all i just dont htink that they
are the best influences for me im not saying that i wanna
stop being friends with them or anything. i just dont want
to end up in a position i know i dont want to end up in.
well im sick of typing so later